Why Write Case Studies

Why Case Studies are good for business

Case Studies can be a useful part of your marketing strategy, they can boost your business opportunities, raise your profile, and be a handy way of communicating with your clients and customers. Here are some of the benefits of keeping your portfolio of case studies up to date.

  • A Case Study is a chance to put your business in the spotlight and showcase it, and the successes of your business, service, or product, the achievements you’ve made, and the benefits you, or your product, can offer to a client or customer.
  • Case Studies give businesses and organisations the chance to tell their story, and give customers and clients something they can relate to.
  • Customers want to know how you can help them, and a Case Study offers them a quick and convenient way to find out. It is a three-minute read which can tell them much of what they need to know, plus drive them to make the decision to contact you.
  • Case Studies are useful to have up your sleeve for content marketing purposes. The best way to utilise the marketing benefits of social media is to have a catalogue of content to share. This includes images, video, and, of course, written content. Each new case study you write gives you new contact to share, boosting traffic on your social network and website, and attracting potential new customers.
  • A well-written Case Study, which captures attention, can draw in the reader, who is your potential new client, prompting them to find out more about you and what you do.
  • A Case Study gives you the chance to show the human side of your business or service and the difference it can make in the real world, as opposed to the dry facts and figures we can all get bogged down with.
  • These short stories provide you with the chance show and share how well your products, services, and business works as an alternative to advertising.
  • A good Case Study gives you an interesting vehicle to publicise your endorsements from your existing clients and customers which can capture the attention of potential new clients and persuade them to make the decision to contact you.

If you have been convinced that Case Studies are good for business but you don’t have time to write them please get in touch, I can help you by writing interesting Case Studies which will keep the reader hooked and persuade them to find out more. Joanna Woodhouse, Freelance Writer, Joanna@joannawoodhouse.co.uk, 01652 634013, 07773301225.

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