Why I became a freelance writer

Why I became a Freelance Writer

Putting my money where my mouth is

Words have always been an important part of my life; from the child who loved to write and read, and who dreamed of becoming a novelist, to the English student penning essays, and then the newspaper journalist who wrote to engage the reader with articles which were serious, humorous, and even heart-rending.

So I didn’t become a novelist, but I am now a freelance writer, enabling me to use my way with words and my ability to write for an audience to help give a voice to those who want to be heard.

I can use my experience and expertise as a writer and former journalist to work with small and medium businesses, charities, schools, colleges, and other training and education organisations and tell their story. I provide well-written words which can inform, sell, persuade, communicate, inspire, and get you noticed.

But why did I decide to become a freelance writer? Firstly I wanted a job which fitted my specific skill set and it’s not always easy to find that dream job. A Facebook comment on an article about employment figures inspired me to set up on my own, it said if you can’t find the job that fits you then create it for yourself. Secondly I decided it was about time to put my money where my mouth is. I can be highly critical of the writing that appears through my door, in my inbox, read on a website, or that I pick up in various places – whether it’s a newsletter in a doctor’s surgery, or leaflets, brochures, or magazines in shops, libraries, or cafés. I feel if content is too long or too short, fails to make its point clearly, does not hold the reader’s attention, or contains grammatical or spelling errors, then it’s not going to achieve its aim. I’m also mildly annoyed when I come across a blog which hasn’t been updated in months or years.

If a piece of writing failed to grab my attention or had disappointed me, I would ask myself if that’s how I feel as a member of the audience the writer is trying to reach then surely others will feel the same. The difference for me is as a writer I tend to have a more critical eye, so I thought if I could do better than why wasn’t I doing just that?

I have always enjoyed writing and it is what I am good at, but for some people it is hard and they might find it a chore, others might not have the time for it; I asked myself why didn’t I offer writing as a service? So in late 2016 I took the step to establish myself as a Freelance Writer.

Thanks to the support of my husband, and the advice of fellow members of the Business Network South Humberside I am confident of a successful and productive future. And I have always had a determined nature and enjoy a challenge. My fees are fair and I am prepared to discuss and price and payment options if necessary. If you are looking to source out your content and copywriting, improve your content marketing, would like your writing to be proofread or edited, or just need help in getting those niggling writing jobs done then contact me. I will always aim to provide bright, accurate, succinct, eye-catching content to help you stand out, achieve your aims, and tell your story.

To find out more about how I can help you visit my website at https://www.joannawoodhouse.co.uk email me at joanna@joannawoodhouse.co.uk or telephone 01652 364013/07773301225.







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