Play Avenue

Gaining media coverage for Play Avenue, Messingham, Scunthorpe.

The media coverage achieved for Play Avenue shows the power behind telling your story.

Play Avenue is a role play centre for young children in Messingham, Scunthorpe. Amanda Carpenter asked me to help in achieving media coverage in advance of the opening. As the only role play centre in Northern Lincolnshire or East Yorkshire so Amanda was keen to achieve coverage in these areas. She asked me to handle the press release and media relations.

Amanda had a press release she had written herself but she needed help in getting it picked up by journalists. I agreed to re-write the press release. After chatting with Amanda I discovered she had a powerful story which she had not told in her original release. I explained to Amanda that journalists would be interested in her story. I used this story to produce a new press release. Here it is in the Scunthorpe Telegraph It was also featured in the Hull Daily Mail, and Sally Fairfax from BBC Radio Humberside also visited and featured Play Avenue on her weekday afternoon show.

I also advised Amanda to hold a media launch ahead of the opening. Here is some of the coverage from that event, and here.

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