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How to write a press release that gets noticed by journalists.

Eight tips for writing a successful press release. When I worked in a newsroom, I spent a chunk of my time sifting through the hundreds of press releases that filled my inbox. I was the journalist who chose which press release was worth covering as a story or investigating further. Now I write press releases […]

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What qualities can a journalist bring to copywriting?

6 Skills that make journalists effective copywriters. When I decided to make the switch from the bustling newsroom to the world of freelance copywriting I questioned if I had the skills to do it. After all journalism and copywriting are two different disciplines. A journalist investigates and writes news and more in-depth features.  A copywriter […]


Five ways to beat copywriter’s block.

Writer’s block can strike even the most prolific of us. Whether you’re writing a novel, an email, or a blog post, it can stop you in your tracks. What will you get those creative juices flowing again? I’ll let you into some of my tips and tricks — although some might strike you as a […]