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Why you need copywriting that enhances your brand image.

There’s a new barber shop in town. I walked past the other day wondering if I should take my boys. It looked very trendy. But outside the door two men having a loud argument. I decided we’d stick with our usual barber’s.

Image is important when you are trying to win new customers. The shop front of the barber shop was stylish and eye-catching. But the argument outside gave me a bad impression and I was no longer tempted to go in. And you might have a professional, fully functioning website, but the copywriting could be losing you potential sales. Your copywriting needs to engage your reader to work. Here are some of the steps you can take to achieve that.

How to write copy that persuades not dissuades.

  1. Ensure your copywriting is error free.

Are you confident with grammar, punctuation, and spelling? Have you proofread your copy before publishing it? These mistakes can make you look like you are careless or sloppy, or that you can’t spell. And this could undermine your reader’s confidence in your business. Accurate and proofread copywriting will show you are competent and will move your reader a step closer to taking your call to action.

  • Write to capture your reader’s attention?

Research by the Nielsen Norman Group has found 79% of people scan a website instead of reading it. Your copy needs to be structured to hold your reader’s attention.

Take a tip from journalists. They write news articles using a technique called the ‘the inverted pyramid.’ This means writing the most important facts first. This grabs the reader’s attention and encourages them to read on.

Capture your reader’s attention with the inverted pyramid.
  • Write in Plain English.

Is your copywriting readable? Copy with long words, lengthy sentences, and even longer paragraphs will put off your reader. Readers like text that is easy to read and to achieve this you should write in plain English. There are many apps which will check the readability of your copy. One way is by using the Readability Statistics on Word. Look out for the Flesch-Kincaid Reading Score. For plain English this should be between 60 and 70.

Here are some other tips for copywriting that will engage:

  • Use eye-catching headings.
  • Divide your text with sub-headings.
  • Break up text with numbered or bullet lists.
  • Use short paragraphs.
  • Write sentences which are less than 20 words long.
  • Write for your ideal customer.

Another way to engage your reader is to write specifically for them. Create a profile, or buyer persona, of your target client or customer. It should include:

  • Demographic details including gender or gender identity, age, job, income, family.
  • What they read.
  • Their preferred social media platform.
  • Favourite film of book.
  • Their goals.
  • Their challenges.

When you have defined your customer or client, you’ll be able to write copy that will resonate with them.

Everyday copywriters use these tactics, and others, to produce copy which achieves results. Do you need more help to make sure your copywriting is making the right impression? Get in touch at

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